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There will be 3-5 teams.

These teams will comprise the Major division.

Each girl will receive a major league replica uniform t-shirt and coordinating colored socks.

At the end of the year the team with the best record will be crowned regular season champion, each team will qualify for the playoffs with one team being crowned champion.

The teams will play at least 2 games a week but possibly more.  Majority of the games will be inner city games, if possible we always try to include out of town games with participates from within District 13 or outside the District.

This team will be an 11/12-year-old ability based team, players will be evaluated at a tryout and picked by the managers of the major league.

An all-star team will be comprised of the major league teams and will compete in the District 13 tournament.

Each player is expected to have their own bat, glove. Face mask is not mandatory but recommended. Metal cleats are NOT ALLOWED IN THIS DIVISION 


Each girl becomes a better player

Each girl learns how to work with each other and become a team player

Each girl has fun!